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  *****  Corrigendum to Tender Call Notice No-2/2015-16   *****  Agenda for 93rd PSOC Meeting on 30.01.2016   *****  Tender document for purchase of AC machines in SLDC   *****  Change of venue of 93rd PSOC meeting   *****  Notice For 93rd PSOC Meeting   *****  Public notice   *****  Tarrif Filling   *****  Expression Of Intreast For Vendor List   *****  HIRING OF DIESEL RUN COMMERCIAL REGISTERED LIGHT VEHICLES FOR POWER SYSTEM,SLDC,BHUBANESWAR   *****  Draft Operating Procedure   *****  Agenda for 91st PSOC meeting   *****  91st PSOC Meeting Notice   *****  Reschedule of 90th power system opreational Co-ordination Meeting   *****  Rescheduling of 90th PSOC meeting to 30.09.15   *****  Notice for 90th PSOC Meeting   *****  Minutes of 89th PSOC Meeting   *****  Agenda for 89th PSOC meeting   *****  TENDER NOTICE- 01 /2015-16   *****  SLDC Tariff Notification for 2015-16  *****  TENDER SPECIFICATION FOR TENDER CALL NOTICE NO. 02 /2014-15
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